A Sophisticated Look from Penneys Primark

Look Sophisticated on a Budget

There’s a lot of negativity associated with shopping at cheap clothes stores. And when we think of cheap clothing stores, there’s one that comes to mind first… Primark’s Penneys. Personally, I believe that it’s not where the clothes come from that matters, or ‘the drip’. It’s how the outfit is executed. Does everything match? Does it look good together? It’s not me to buy something because of where it comes from. I put together this cute outfit entirely from Penneys (excluding the belt) for all the budget queens out there, hope you like!

Coming back to the topic at hand, I thought I’d share my experience with buying clothes and how much I would usually spend on buying clothes. Growing up it wasn’t a case where I could just ask one of my parents for one of the newest shoes or clothes that everyone is wearing, not when it could feed the family for the month! It was just never asked of me and I was self taught in what were important things to ask my parents for, and what counted as silly materialistic stuff. 

There was never any resentment that came from me towards them because of this. In fact, I was never bothered at all by what other people had and I lacked. It never made me feel inadequate or there was never a feeling of being the odd one out or the ‘uncool’ one.

Oddly enough, I believe this has made into someone who doesn’t care about the worth of a piece of clothing, but rather how it looks. Now, as a full time college student and part time barista, buying a full outfit for €100 is not a luxury I can afford. I don’t like to spend too much money on clothes, which may be the opposite of most people! Soon enough, I’ll post how I save money on buying clothes and how I get clothes for cheap too!


A Sophisticated Look from Penneys Primark

A Sophisticated Look from Penneys Primark

Boots – €19

Dress – €12

Hat – €5

Belt – Boohoo

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