Jouellerie Jewellery Review

With the right jewellery, we can spice up a look even more. I’ve reviewed jewellery before in my Summer Favourites 2018 post from Statement Made jewellery.  I’ve also review a necklace from Primark in one of my Primark hauls. I got sent these lovely earrings and bracelets from Jouellerie for review purposes.

If you’re looking for super cheap jewellery, that doesn’t actually look cheap, Jouellerie is the best store for you.

jouellerie 35


As you can see, the jewellery came in lovely little black velvet pouches which I thought was really cute. I received 5 black pouches, a card explaining what was in the box and a little note from Jouellerie.


They left a message for me with my name on it, which I think is so thoughtful. I love when brands have quirky messages on their packages, and it reminded me of the review I did for Yes to. All of these bracelets and earrings came in the pouches, guarded with plastic around them like so.

jouellerie 28

TRINITY SET (silver)

jouellerie 10

jouellerie 34

jouellerie 26


jouellerie 3

The Trinity set consists of a silver bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is a simple, yet elegant rhinestone studded design. It clips on and off pretty easily, and would go perfectly for when you need to add some pizzazz to your look. It’s not my favourite because of how simple it is, but it’s still very pretty.

The earrings are just simple studs, nothing to get too excited about. They’re pretty cute too though, and I love studs for earrings, actually I’m obsessed.

AELIANA SET (silver)


jouellerie 24

jouellerie 6

jouellerie 14

The Aeliana bracelet’s design is really cool to me. I love the roman numerals stencilled into the part below the rhinestone. So it has that sparkle, and chic, fashionable design in one. I think this bracelet is pretty, and I have not really seen anything like it before. You can purchase it on the site for only £6.99! SO affordable, and looks cute.


jouellerie 8


jouellerie 12

jouellerie 20

jouellerie 17

The Arabella set is a bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is a silver bracelet, with the infinity sign on it, like a charm. It has a simple band of rhinestone around it, and to be honest, this bracelet is one of my favourites. Since it’s only £3.99, I might get the rose gold one of the same set. This set came with the regular earring studs.


jouellerie 2

jouellerie 21

I am obsessed with these Crown earrings! When taking this picture, I went into a dark place, with no light and just took it with flash. The flashback is pretty fab. They are quite big studs. They have this lovely crown design on them and I think it’s so pretty! It’s only £2.99 too.


jouellerie 1

jouellerie 4

jouellerie 23

jouellerie 13

The Artemis bracelet in rose-gold is a bit of a show-stopper. It’s a thick bracelet, that attached together magnetically, with a love heart charm bedazzled with rhinestones. This is my favourite bracelet because of a. the design, and b. the colour. Rose-gold has always been my favourite jewellery colours.

When zooming into the design of the band of the bracelet, we can see it’s like a criss-cross. I think it’s a stunning bracelet, and it goes for £3.99!

What’s your favourite piece out of all this? Let me know in the comments!

jouellerie 15

jouellerie 16

xo caro

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