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Summer Favourites 2018 – Statement Made Jewellery, So Body Mist, What If? Perfume and more

With summer nearing an end, I am getting quite sad. Summer is my favourite season after autumn because it’s the chill season. In Ireland, summer literally lasted 5 weeks. Sun in Ireland is rare so it was nice to have those few weeks to enjoy. I found so many new and affordable products that I’ve been loving this season.

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Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

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Statement Made Jewellery Necklace

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

I was sent this lovely necklace from Statement Made Jewellery to review. It is an online store that sells personalized jewellery, and when you sign up, you get 20% off. They sent me this gold necklace with a maple leaf charm and the letter ‘C’ (for Caroline) on another charm. I thought this was so cute, and they also send out the jewellery in this lovely pouch. It’s really nice to receive the necklace with something it can also be kept in.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

You can take off the charms as you want to arrange them, I personally like only wearing the maple charm on its own, same with the ‘C’ charm. I love gold necklaces for summer because I feel like silver more of a winter jewellery.

What If? Perfume

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

I purchased this for €6 in a pharmacy, and I’ve really been loving it so it’s made my Summer Favourites. It’s a chypre-fruity scent and I adore it. For such an affordable perfume, it truly does last a long time. Click here for a link to it if you’re interested.

River Island Bag

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

Need I say more? This River Island bag I purchased a good few weeks ago is so summer friendly. It’s so colourful, so it can be easy to find anything to wear with this. Personally, I like wearing an all-black outfit with this bag. because I find that the black contrasts with the vibrant colours on the bag. It brings more attention to it.

This bag is spacious, stylish and a lovely accessory. There is a short and long handle, which is something I always appreciate in bags because it’s so diverse. I was going to do a Style Steal with this bag because that is how much I adore it. I figured I may as well just add it to my Summer Favourites.

Platform Shoes

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I feel twice as tall than I really am wearing these. Because these are from Primark, my expectations were low. It’s no secret I love shopping in Primark, I actually have a few hauls from there. These shoes are so affordable, I can’t remember the exact price but it was under €10 anyway. Do I wear these all the time? No. Honestly, they can be quite difficult to walk in if you’re in a rush, so I only wear these if I know I’m not going to be walking much. These platforms are about an inch high.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

Black shoes are actually everything because they go with anything. As a student though, I can’t imagine walking around campus in these. I think I would fall around all over the place. But they are in my Summer Favourites because they’re so aesthetically pleasing.

SO? Body Mist

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I have never actually heard or tried body mists before this. I got this body mist from the brand SO? in pink grapefruit. The hot weather is over but during it, this was my best friend. It cools you down and also makes you smell good so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I have to admit, I went through like 3 of these because they do go quite quickly especially if you’re using it all over your body, it’s bound to go fast.

Rose Gold Watch

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I like pairing this with the necklace from Statement Made Jewellery. I like the bumps on the detail of the band, the watch also has this reflective marble on the clock. Really simple and sophisticated.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

And that’s that!

What are some of your summer favourites?

xo caro

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