YES TO Coconut Skin Care: Moisturizing Stick, Paper Mask and Cleansing Wipes

I got sent these amazing products from the brand Yes to, and I’ll be sharing my opinions on the products and will be reviewing them. From their skincare range, they sent me a paper mask, cleansing wipes and a moisturizing stick – all coconut infused. You can shop these products here, I’ll leave all the ingredients and direct links to the products so you guys can check it out for yourself! I posted a peek of these on my Instagram story, go follow me to keep up to date!



Moisturizing Coconut Oil Stick


Click here to shop this product.

About the product: This product claims to be an ultra hydrating, mess free moisturizing oil stick for dry skin. It has 98% natural ingredients. This can be used for the face, body and hands. There is 56 grams of product.

Price: £7.45/€8.44

My thoughts on the product: So far, I have been loving this. The applicator really intrigued me, because it’s like a glue stick that you wind up. I’ve only seen Milk makeup use this kind of applicator for their highlighters. I thought that this applicator was genius, and actually mess-free, just like it said it would.

There is sooo much product as well. It could last easily for about 3 months if you’re using it religiously. A little goes such a long way. I just collect the moisturizer on my fingers to apply to my face because if I use the applicator directly, I get way too much on. For my body, I’ll use the applicator. This picture I took doesn’t even show how product is in there. I feared rolling it all the way up, so this is only 3/4 of the way. So much!


It smells amazing too, obviously with a coconut scent to it. This performed so well on my skin, I left it on over night after I did my skin care routine to give it a fair chance. When I woke up, my skin didn’t feel as dry, which is a God send to me because I have the driest skin ever. Even with oily skin, this would be great.

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Paper Mask


YES TO COCONUT SKIN CAREClick here to shop this product

About the product:  This product claims to be an ultra hydrating paper mask, to hydrate and restore to provide intense moisture for ultra-smooth skin. It has 96% natural ingredients. There is 1 single mask in the packet. It is formulated with parabens, SLS and silicones.

Price: £2.99/€3.39

My thoughts on the product: This smells amazing! All I did while this was on my face was smell the packet. I left this on for about 10 minutes before I took it off and my skin felt so good. It felt so hydrated and smooth. It didn’t tone my skin or anything like that, just made it feel so fresh and smooth. I had the scent on me for awhile too!

What I love about Yes to products is that they always have funny captions on their products. It puts a smile on your face too. I agree with the price too, and I think it’s worth it. I also loved how the paper mask fit on my face. There was no hassle of it falling off or anything, which I assumed would happen because it’s paper, but no!

It’s so nice to know that the ingredients are 96% natural too.

They give your instruction on the back of the packet too.

Here are the ingredients for anyone who’d like to know:


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Cleansing Wipes


Click here to shop this product

About the product: This product claims to hydrate and restore. It has coconut water and kukul nut extract to gently cleanse and hydrate. It is 96% natural. It also claims to provide instant hydration. 30 wipes come in a packet. It is made with compostable, natural cloth and FSC fabric. It is formulated with parabens, SLS and silicones.

Price: £3.99/€4.52

My thoughts on the product: This product is great as a makeup remover. It takes away pretty much anything with one swipe, and I really value that in cleansing wipes because it’s hard to come by wipes that will really take off every bit of makeup without leaving any. There is no scent there really, whereas the paper mask and moisturizer had a lovely scent to them. This one smells kind of like chemicals, basically smelling like any other cleansing wipe. This doesn’t bother me though.

You get 30 wipes in one packet which I think is great, because it’s one for every day of the month. So around one month is when you’d start running out of these if you used it every day, which I think is pretty clever.

What I loved about this was that it wasn’t dry. I hate when I pick up cleansing wipes and it’s so dry on my skin with no moisture. This one isn’t like that, which I really appreciate. And can we just talk about the cloth? They basically used recycled, compostable cloth which I think is great they’re going in that direction as a brand.


And remember how I said they leave little quirky messages on their packaging?


So cute!

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My final verdict


I love these products and this brand! I think the way all their products are nearly 100% natural is so admirable, and more brands should be going in this direction. What they claim to do is how they perform. I will definitely continue using these.

xo caro

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20 thoughts on “YES TO Coconut Skin Care: Moisturizing Stick, Paper Mask and Cleansing Wipes”

  1. Awesome review! I think it’s cool the cleansing wipes have kukul nut, which is something I never heard of but will keep my eye out for! My face is super sensitive to coconut so I would n’t use the products on my face but I definitely can invest in the moisturizing stick for my body because it takes coconut oil so well. Thanks for sharing, i learned something new. I’m headed out to Target to find the stick! lol

    Natonya |

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  2. I’m also in love with coconut. I love having coconut spa products so I can enjoy the lovely scent all evening. A lovely coconut mask seems like my kinda self care date!


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  3. Fun! I’ve never tried this range before. I love the yes to tomatoes range though for breakouts. It’s so good. I need to try those sheet masks out. thanks for the review.

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