Primark Haul – Just Under €15!

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

Hello lovelies! Seeing as exams are finished, I decided to share with you guys my Primark haul! I went to Primark a few days ago, and brought back these items. And the one thing I love about Primark is how cheap it is, so everything I have purchased here is under 15 euro.

I’ll be back posting my OOTWs next week, I’ve really been slacking on them because of college and other things. But let’s get into the haul!

Primark Haul – Under €15!

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

I feel like Primark have really changed up their game. I remember going in knowing that whatever products I purchase would be not good quality. I only ever really went there for their clothes. But their makeup and skincare products have been killing it!

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Bath Sponge


I’ve been seeing these around more lately and thought they were a bit pricey, I was happy to see them in Primark for such a cheap price! I love cute they look but for washing your actual body with it, it’s a different story. I would have preferred if there was a scratchy side so it can actually wash my body properly. All of it is just sponge, I feel like this product isn’t great if you want to exfoliate. It’s just too soft. But I use a cloth when I want to exfoliate my skin, and use the soft sponge after.


‘Buff Stuff’ Face Scrub – Tea Tree & Witch Hazel

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog buff stuff face scrub


For oily/blemish prone skin, this is an exfoliator for your face. It has a minty scent to it, and I actually love this product. After using it my skin feels so soft. It has microbeads in it, that really get into the skin and the pores. It says to apply to face with fingertips and gently massage into damp skin. I don’t use my fingertips, as I like to use my face scrubber because I feel like it’s more thorough. It has 150 ml/5 US ounces. I think that’s quite a lot of product for only €2.50.

‘Pores Be Pure’ Cleansing Gel – Tea Tree & Witch Hazel

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog


I always use this after the face scrub, I feel like they go well together. Same as the face scrub, this has a minty scent and feel, it leaves your face feeling fresh. Although this dries out my face, I still love this because of how well my skin has been performing ever since I started using these.

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

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Vanilla Absolute Eau be Parfum

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blogThis tiny perfume is just what I was looking for. It’s small and easy to carry around. I hate extravagantly large perfumes, they’re hard to carry around and just impractical.


I know it says it’s €4 on the packaging, but when I purchased it, they decreased the price to €1 which I thought was a catch. The scent is unique. I really haven’t smelled anything like it. I really like it. Here’s the description on the back:

Clouds of feather, champagne sparkles, a milky sweet blend with mimosa and dreamy honeysuckle in a floral heart, creating an addictive Oriental gourmand fragrance.

The scent is strong and you only need like two spritz and you’re good to go! However, if you over-spray, it can be sooooo over powering.

Essence the Gel Nail Polish


When I tried this out, I was yaaasss essence, come throuuugh. It’s glossy and shiny. And I was shook because it actually stayed on for so long? At least a week before it started chipping away, which is a huge step for Essence. Mainly because their nail polishes are always pure rubbish, they chip away within hours and the colour fades away. But this I absolutely adore.

‘My Perfect Colour’ Matte Foundation

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog


Everyone knows Primark makeup is fairly cheap. Even though I love the price, I will not be purchasing this again. It barely covers anything and it is not long lasting. In fact it wears off after a few hours. It’s hard to apply because it like, refuses to blend. I would so not recommend this.

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

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Cranberry & Vitamin E Conditioning Hand Cream

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog


I love the smell of this hand cream. It smells exactly like cranberries. I also like the price for the quantity, you get 30 ml of cream. The only thing that disappointed me was that it said it was a conditioning hand cream. My hands feel the exact same after a week of using this and not softer, which is what I expect when I see the word conditioning. I would still purchase this again though because of the smell.

Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

That concludes the haul! Hope you guys saw something you liked, I think I’ll post more hauls since I enjoyed making this one so much!

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14 thoughts on “Primark Haul – Just Under €15!

  1. Primark strikes again! This was a really informative post. While I haven’t tried any of the items, it wouldbe excitingto check out their beauty department as we don’t have one in this part of the world 🙂

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