Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys! So I bought the Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette and just had to do a review on it! I purchased this Boots pharmacy and drugstore for my Debs, and I loved the way it performed for me. I am very picky with the eyeshadows I choose to purchase because most of them are really not that cheap. This palette however, was super affordable. So without further ado, here is a review of the Sleek iDivine eyeshadow palette. I will link other makeup product reviews for you down below.

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Swatches and the palette

About the palette

Brand: Sleek Makeup

Shade: Vintage Romance 141

Quantity: 0.029 ounces

How many eyeshadows: 12 -.2 mattes ,10 shimmers

Love in London

This is a shimmer black colour. To be honest, it’s not one of my favourite shades in the palette due to the lack of pigmentation. However, if you build this up I assure you will get a nice intense black shadow.

Forever in Florence

This is a dark purple shade. There are many purple shades in this palette and this is not my favourite but will go beautifully with a smokey eye. I find it to be rather chunky and hard to blend.

Bliss in Barcelona

Another purple shade, I’m unsure as to whether you would call this a royal purple. This shade is so beautiful and will look beautiful on brown eyes.

Honeymoon in Hollywood

My favourite shade in the whole palette!!!!! This is why I’m so glad I picked this up! This is a gorgeous fuschia shade, and it’s pigmentation is unreal. It’s perfect you wanna do that warm tone look, or hot pink/red look. Perfect for fall!

Marry in Monte Carlo

I love this shade, it’s a gorgeous shimmer pink/purple, and goes lovely with a silver metallic shade! Not much pigmentation though!

A Vow in Venice

Not a personal favourite. It’s a mauve-y shade, it’s colour is lovely but the colour pay off is not as good.

Propose in Prague

I’m so excited to have found my new favourite transition shade! I just love this eyeshadow! It’s a matte and it’s so blendable and smooth! It’s a brown/faun colour and will go beautifully with a warm sunset look in the crease!

Romance in Rome

You would think this a navy colour but it’s actually a grey! This is the only shade I really don’t enjoy. There’s is little to no colour pay off and it’s hard to blend.

Lust in LA

This brown shimmer shade is absolutely beautiful! I applied this with only my finger and it turned out gorgeous!

Court in Cannes

This is a dark olive shimmer shade, it is not a favourite but I don’t hate it. It’s quite mediocre.

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Meet in Madrid

Next to the shade Propose in Prague, this is my favourite! It’s a gold shimmer and perfect when you want to do a bronzed look.

Pretty in Paris

This silver shimmer shade is so beautiful! Not the most pigmented, but can be built up. I would wear this only doing a halo eye though.

My final thoughts on the palette: I definitely recommend buying this, especially for the affordable price of €10.50! One con though is that the fall out is a bit much, so I suggest doing your eyes before foundation with this.

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xo, Caroline


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