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Winter Fashion Favourites

Winter is here, and as the cold and rain approaches us in Ireland, so does my desire to get some new clothes! Winter is perfect for showing off a great fashion sense, so here is my Winter Fashion Favourites, which is more like a wish list.

christmas holiday makeup look

Holiday Makeup Look: Glossy Silver Sparkle with a Red Pop

It's that time of year again, where all makeup lovers are a buzz thinking of what makeup to try out this year. Christmas is a makeup lover's dream because not only are you getting new beauty products from friends and family as gifts, but you're also permitted to try out crazy and wacky makeup looks with tons of colour (red and green are a staple of course).  I came up with this look, and to be honest, I was just winging it the whole way seeing what I would come up with.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Beauty Fanatic 2017

You're at that stage where you're scratching your head wondering what in the hell your gonna get that beauty fanatic and makeup loving friend, partner or family member of yours for Christmas this year. I'll agree that purchasing Christmas gifts for that special someone can be difficult because it seems like they have everything a beauty fanatic should have and you're worried the gift is gonna lack value. Worry no more then because I have a list of items that your makeup addict friend will love.

How To Be A Girl Boss

Now that we've come into the age where women are thriving and roles are starting to get reversed, it's time we motivate ourselves a bit more. Productivity and procrastination are daily struggles for everyone, no matter the gender. I'll be giving you tips on how to avoid procrastination and staying focused ,  become your own boss all while taking care of yourself.

5 Ways to Improve Your Foundation Application

Foundation. The base of our makeup and what ultimately makes our face flawless. Foundation is important in the makeup community. However, there are a lot of things people don't know about foundation application that could actually improve how it looks. Many things come into play in order to achieve the perfect foundation application. I'll be … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Foundation Application