Look Sophisticated on a Budget

There’s a lot of negativity associated with shopping at cheap clothes stores. And when we think of cheap clothing stores, there’s one that comes to mind first… Primark’s Penneys. Personally, I believe that it’s not where the clothes come from that matters, or ‘the drip’. It’s how the outfit is executed. Does everything match? Does it look good together? It’s not me to buy something because of where it comes from. I put together this cute outfit entirely from Penneys (excluding the belt) for all the budget queens out there, hope you like!

Coming back to the topic at hand, I thought I’d share my experience with buying clothes and how much I would usually spend on buying clothes. Growing up it wasn’t a case where I could just ask one of my parents for one of the newest shoes or clothes that everyone is wearing, not when it could feed the family for the month! It was just never asked of me and I was self taught in what were important things to ask my parents for, and what counted as silly materialistic stuff. 

There was never any resentment that came from me towards them because of this. In fact, I was never bothered at all by what other people had and I lacked. It never made me feel inadequate or there was never a feeling of being the odd one out or the ‘uncool’ one.

Oddly enough, I believe this has made into someone who doesn’t care about the worth of a piece of clothing, but rather how it looks. Now, as a full time college student and part time barista, buying a full outfit for €100 is not a luxury I can afford. I don’t like to spend too much money on clothes, which may be the opposite of most people! Soon enough, I’ll post how I save money on buying clothes and how I get clothes for cheap too!


A Sophisticated Look from Penneys Primark

A Sophisticated Look from Penneys Primark

Boots – €19

Dress – €12

Hat – €5

Belt – Boohoo

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The Only Nudes I Like – Boohoo Look

I don’t know why I love nudes in winter because it’s hard to pull off without looking basic. That’s why when I saw this teddy jacket on Boohoo, with a matching hat, I had to. So here is a cosy combo! Perfect for the winter as it’ll keep you warm, links have been provided down below!

A Cosy Nude Combo from Boohoo

Jacket – Boohoo

Ribbed turtleneck top – Boohoo

Jeans – Boohoo

Hat – Boohoo

Nude bag – New Look (in store)

A Cosy Nude Combo from Boohoo

A Cosy Nude Combo from Boohoo

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How to Get The Smoothest Skin

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the three products that I use to smooth up my skin religiously. Although I’m unsure if this routine will work on everyone, it certainly works for me and I just had to share.

Soap & Glory Body Scrub

The last time I reviewed Soap & Glory products was months ago. I reviewed the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, Body Wash and Body Lotion.  I picked up the scrub a few weeks ago. It was sitting there on the shelf – pink, pretty and calling my name.

the ultimate super-smoothing body butter

Now you’ll know it’s ‘the one’

Soap & Glory Body Scrub Review

Price – €12.45

I use this every time I step into the shower. It’s very exfoliating and I apply it everywhere on my body (except on my face, of course). My skin feels super soft and smooth after using this, it’ll definitely be repurchased when I run out!

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Badekugler Bath Bombs

I’m afraid I can’t share with you guys the price of these because I got them off my sister for Christmas! But I believe any bath bombs will do, just treat yourself to a relaxing bath at least once a week using any bath bomb with a smoothing effect. I also recommend squeezing this into your self-care routine, if you do have one! They’re well worth it.

Bath Bombs

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Review

This is the part of my smoothing routine that is vital. This body lotion has become everything and more to me these past few weeks when I first purchased it for €6.80.

This claims to soften, smooth and relieve dry skin, also to smooth marks and tone skin. I use this all over my body and on my face too. I apply it every morning and night, and it is amazing. I’m so glad I started using it. I’ve noticed that my skin has improved greatly after using this. It smoothes it out and I’ve had less discolouration since so it definitely does tone skin. It’s worth the price, and it’s more suitable for dry skin but I believe all skin types will benefit from this and not to mention the gorgeous cocoa butter scent.

What’s your go-to for smooth skin? Comment!

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Pretty in Pink Skirts – OOTDs

Outfit 1

Pretty in Pink Skirts

BooHoo black bandeau top, mini skirt matching with Fila shoes and denim jacket.

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Pretty in Pink Skirts

Pretty in Pink Skirts

Outfit 2

Pretty in Pink Skirts

Baby pink skort with a grey crop top, perfect for a sunny summers day.

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invite you to an anniversary party tocelebrate their ten years of marriage
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Which outfit do you like better?

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Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, Body Wash and Body Lotion Review

I am a huge fan of taking luxurious showers. Whenever I have the spare free time to really delve into my self-care routine, pampering myself with a nice bath/shower is always a must. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I love spoiling myself with bath and body products I know I’ll love. I tried the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub , body wash, and body lotion so I am excited to share my thoughts on the three products!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

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First of all, what really drew me to this brand was the design and packaging. I am a huge fan of pinks and purples, so this is very aesthetically pleasing to me. Even when the I’ve run out of product, I think I may still keep the bottles and tub just for show. It’s so pretty!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

I shared on my Instagram around a month ago that I was going to give a review of these products, so here it finally is!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

Soap & Glory.png

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I had to get two of these, I was that obsessed with the smell. It has like a vanilla and coconut-like scent to it. Did my body smell like this after I used it? To be honest, no. I feel like this is only because I masked the scent with other products because I like to moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower. The scent reminded me of the smell you get off the Yes To coconut oil lotion, and it’s utterly divine.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

Soap & Glory’s super fresh Sugar Crush™ Body Wash (which doubles as bath bubbles) mixes mouth-watering kaffir limes, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil. Energizing, revitalizing – it’s an instant wake up call for tired minds and bodies, with COOLCAPSULE™X to cool and refresh, radiance-boosting KIWI WATER JUICE, and a super creamy M-SUDS™ moisture-boosting base.

In terms of what this body wash has done for my skin, I feel like after using it, it made my skin more smooth. Of course the result will be different for everyone, so I do keep that in mind.

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Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I gotta say, after using this body scrub, my skin felt amazing. It was like super soft and all I wanted to do was touch my skin. You have to keep using the body scrub to see results so after like two weeks of religiously using this, my skin was really popping. Will I repurchase this? Hell, yeah. I have quite scaly feet when they’re not taken care of or if I don’t keep up a certain routine, and after using this, I don’t even need a routine anymore, just this. I am seriously fan-girling over this. Not to mention it smells amazing. There is literally no issue with this… only love.

Soap & Glory’s cult-classic Sugar Crush™ Body fuses freshly-squeezed sweet lime, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and almond oil, with sea salt, smashed brown sugar, glycerin and macadamia oils to leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, and sexy. Miraculous on dry legs, elbows (really – all over), it’s energizing, exhilarating, amazing!

I actually love it when brands use quirky and funny language in their product descriptions. Honestly, it makes me want to try them out more.

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Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Lotion

I was a bit disappointed with this. There was really nothing wrong with it, but because the body scrub and the body wash gave me such high expectations I expected this to be even better. Oh well, you know what they say – low expectations means no disappointment. This performed just as any other body lotion would, it’s moisturizing, yes. But did it do any of the things that it claimed to do in the product description? Sadly, no. The skin conditioning part really didn’t happen for me. Now these are my own personal opinions on how this performed on my body, someone else could have a completely different experience. It’s not like the lotion is terrible, it’s just lacklustre and underwhelming. I am failing to see what sets this body lotion apart from any of the €2 ones I can purchase in any drugstore. For the price to be £10, I don’t agree that it is worth it.

Soap & Glory’s mouthwatering, irresistible, moisturizing body lotion with AHA FRUIT COMPLEX, MOISTHAVE™ six skin conditioning oils plus KIWI WATERJUICE™. After washing with our SUGAR CRUSHBody Wash, lavishly deploy our lotion on still-damp skin

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Maybe I’ll give another one of their body lotions a chance, but will I ever repurchase this? Nope.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush - Caroo Makeup Blog

And that concludes my review on the Soap and Glory’s sugar crush products!

Have you tried any of these products?


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A Face Beat – Drugstore Makeup Products For Casual Glam

I’m back and better than ever. And I mean that, literally. A lot has changed in my life since I last posted a blog post. I feel almost outrageous right now, like I’ve been gone for 9+ months and I have the audacity to return. That being said, I have given birth to a completely new person… myself. Hah, got you there.

A lot has changed, yes. But I don’t wanna reintroduce myself to my blog just yet with an update. I’ll post a blog on that some time later. Right now is the time to discuss the matters of the face.

This blog post is all about how to get a casual glam makeup look on a drugstore budget. If you’re looking for luxury products.. this student cannot provide you with that.. just yet.

A Casual Glam with Drugstore Makeup Products

I decided to call this casual glam because it is not fully glam, but not just a casual, regular face beat. It’s not something I would wear everyday. Being honest, concealer, eyebrows, mascara and lip gloss do me for a regular makeup day nowadays. Sometimes without concealer if I’m feeling adventurous. So let’s get started.





Before I do my face, I always cleanse with micellar water and moisturise. And before makeup even touches my face for a casual glam look, I give it a good spritz with this hydrating prime and care spray from Catrice. I like anything with the word hydrating because I have the driest skin ever. I have seen a difference when I don’t wear this, and my makeup truly doesn’t last as long as it would if I would apply this.


I do foundation first before everything. I find it kind of weird to do eyebrows before your foundation because when I apply foundation it just messes up my eyebrows or something? I don’t know, this is just easier for me. Anyways, after the primer, this applies nicely with a beauty blender.


I literally cannot say or type the word concealer anymore without saying it in Laura Lee’s voice.. conceelur. If you know, you know. Anyways, I go hard with concealing. I use the Sleek Cream Contour Kit in the shade Dark 097 and the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in True Beige 050. I use the top shades of the Sleek palette for highlighting my face and the Rimmel concealer for a base concealer.


This part is pretty self explanatory. One thing I will say is that I will definitely be purchasing a more luxury powder, but I find this just does the job for me. It makes the face nice and matte, and really that’s all I need.



After the powder, I move onto the eyes. I use the powder as a base to blend in any eyeshadow I’m applying. I usually use the ‘Be Crazy About’ palette by Obsession, who is a brand I’ve never heard about until I bought this palette. I never go heavy on the eyes if it’s just for everyday glam. I take the shade ‘Ardour’ which is like a peachy, pink eyeshadow. I just apply that all over my upper eyelid. Easy.


I’ve always been obsessed with black kohl eyeliner. It just does something to the eyes, makes it look more sultry. I use the Rimmel London Ultimate Waterproof Kohl. I really like this liner because it’s so blunt and thick that it’ll last for long.


This is the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, It’s quite black, and I’ve had it for a good while. I also think the bottle it’s packaged in is cute, probably because it’s pink. I don’t think there’s anything that special about it, it just does the job.


This is the Carter Beauty ‘Blaze’ highlight palette, I got this a few weeks ago and so far so good. It’s not top of the range or anything but it does give me that glow that I need so I’m not complaining. The bottom right hand corner is the highlight I usually use.


I like doing an glossy ombré lip usually, so I take the Rimmel London ‘Stay Matte’ liquid lip colour in the shade 731 Scandalous, and apply that all over the lip. It’s like a warm brown, and I love brown on the lips. After that, I grab ‘Matte Me’ by Sleek Makeup in the shade Feels 1169, which is more a nude pink tone. These are both great for an ombré lip combo. To get a glossy lip, I apply the ‘Shine, Shine, Shine’ lipgloss from Essence.


And that concludes my guide to a casual glam look!

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The NEON Trend

I’ve been loving the neon trend, however it’s kinda hard to pull it off without looking like a traffic cone or highlighter. I’ll be sharing how I put a neon outfit together and what outfits I’ve been loving. Links will be added for the posts!

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Shoes – Puma // Bumbag – Primark // Coat – Primark

I’m currently rocking ombré dark green braids, so my outfits have to be well thought of in advance. Most people would think green and yellow? eugggh. But I was actually feeling this whole ‘fit.


I did not discover this post by @koleendz until I watched Denzel Dion’s video and he included this in it. But I mean, breath taking right? The purple and pink with the white snow and the pooose!











The reflective trousers with the neon yellow top, I actually love. So pretty!












This is my favourite because of the 90’s style outfit and then the neon colours, just so iconic.

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know!

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Jouellerie Jewellery Review

With the right jewellery, we can spice up a look even more. I’ve reviewed jewellery before in my Summer Favourites 2018 post from Statement Made jewellery.  I’ve also review a necklace from Primark in one of my Primark hauls. I got sent these lovely earrings and bracelets from Jouellerie for review purposes.

If you’re looking for super cheap jewellery, that doesn’t actually look cheap, Jouellerie is the best store for you.

jouellerie 35


As you can see, the jewellery came in lovely little black velvet pouches which I thought was really cute. I received 5 black pouches, a card explaining what was in the box and a little note from Jouellerie.


They left a message for me with my name on it, which I think is so thoughtful. I love when brands have quirky messages on their packages, and it reminded me of the review I did for Yes to. All of these bracelets and earrings came in the pouches, guarded with plastic around them like so.

jouellerie 28

TRINITY SET (silver)

jouellerie 10

jouellerie 34

jouellerie 26


jouellerie 3

The Trinity set consists of a silver bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is a simple, yet elegant rhinestone studded design. It clips on and off pretty easily, and would go perfectly for when you need to add some pizzazz to your look. It’s not my favourite because of how simple it is, but it’s still very pretty.

The earrings are just simple studs, nothing to get too excited about. They’re pretty cute too though, and I love studs for earrings, actually I’m obsessed.

AELIANA SET (silver)


jouellerie 24

jouellerie 6

jouellerie 14

The Aeliana bracelet’s design is really cool to me. I love the roman numerals stencilled into the part below the rhinestone. So it has that sparkle, and chic, fashionable design in one. I think this bracelet is pretty, and I have not really seen anything like it before. You can purchase it on the site for only £6.99! SO affordable, and looks cute.


jouellerie 8


jouellerie 12

jouellerie 20

jouellerie 17

The Arabella set is a bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is a silver bracelet, with the infinity sign on it, like a charm. It has a simple band of rhinestone around it, and to be honest, this bracelet is one of my favourites. Since it’s only £3.99, I might get the rose gold one of the same set. This set came with the regular earring studs.


jouellerie 2

jouellerie 21

I am obsessed with these Crown earrings! When taking this picture, I went into a dark place, with no light and just took it with flash. The flashback is pretty fab. They are quite big studs. They have this lovely crown design on them and I think it’s so pretty! It’s only £2.99 too.


jouellerie 1

jouellerie 4

jouellerie 23

jouellerie 13

The Artemis bracelet in rose-gold is a bit of a show-stopper. It’s a thick bracelet, that attached together magnetically, with a love heart charm bedazzled with rhinestones. This is my favourite bracelet because of a. the design, and b. the colour. Rose-gold has always been my favourite jewellery colours.

When zooming into the design of the band of the bracelet, we can see it’s like a criss-cross. I think it’s a stunning bracelet, and it goes for £3.99!

What’s your favourite piece out of all this? Let me know in the comments!

jouellerie 15

jouellerie 16

xo caro

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Summer Favourites 2018 – Statement Made Jewellery, So Body Mist, What If? Perfume and more

With summer nearing an end, I am getting quite sad. Summer is my favourite season after autumn because it’s the chill season. In Ireland, summer literally lasted 5 weeks. Sun in Ireland is rare so it was nice to have those few weeks to enjoy. I found so many new and affordable products that I’ve been loving this season.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links, this is not a sponsored post.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

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So Glam

Statement Made Jewellery Necklace

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

I was sent this lovely necklace from Statement Made Jewellery to review. It is an online store that sells personalized jewellery, and when you sign up, you get 20% off. They sent me this gold necklace with a maple leaf charm and the letter ‘C’ (for Caroline) on another charm. I thought this was so cute, and they also send out the jewellery in this lovely pouch. It’s really nice to receive the necklace with something it can also be kept in.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

You can take off the charms as you want to arrange them, I personally like only wearing the maple charm on its own, same with the ‘C’ charm. I love gold necklaces for summer because I feel like silver more of a winter jewellery.

What If? Perfume

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup Blog

I purchased this for €6 in a pharmacy, and I’ve really been loving it so it’s made my Summer Favourites. It’s a chypre-fruity scent and I adore it. For such an affordable perfume, it truly does last a long time. Click here for a link to it if you’re interested.

River Island Bag

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

Need I say more? This River Island bag I purchased a good few weeks ago is so summer friendly. It’s so colourful, so it can be easy to find anything to wear with this. Personally, I like wearing an all-black outfit with this bag. because I find that the black contrasts with the vibrant colours on the bag. It brings more attention to it.

This bag is spacious, stylish and a lovely accessory. There is a short and long handle, which is something I always appreciate in bags because it’s so diverse. I was going to do a Style Steal with this bag because that is how much I adore it. I figured I may as well just add it to my Summer Favourites.

Platform Shoes

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I feel twice as tall than I really am wearing these. Because these are from Primark, my expectations were low. It’s no secret I love shopping in Primark, I actually have a few hauls from there. These shoes are so affordable, I can’t remember the exact price but it was under €10 anyway. Do I wear these all the time? No. Honestly, they can be quite difficult to walk in if you’re in a rush, so I only wear these if I know I’m not going to be walking much. These platforms are about an inch high.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

Black shoes are actually everything because they go with anything. As a student though, I can’t imagine walking around campus in these. I think I would fall around all over the place. But they are in my Summer Favourites because they’re so aesthetically pleasing.

SO? Body Mist

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I have never actually heard or tried body mists before this. I got this body mist from the brand SO? in pink grapefruit. The hot weather is over but during it, this was my best friend. It cools you down and also makes you smell good so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I have to admit, I went through like 3 of these because they do go quite quickly especially if you’re using it all over your body, it’s bound to go fast.

Rose Gold Watch

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

I like pairing this with the necklace from Statement Made Jewellery. I like the bumps on the detail of the band, the watch also has this reflective marble on the clock. Really simple and sophisticated.

Summer Favourites Caroo Makeup

And that’s that!

What are some of your summer favourites?

xo caro

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Feel Good Contacts | Coloured Eye Contacts Review

I’ve always wondered how I would look with different coloured eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brown eyes and adore brown eyes in general. But I’ve always been curious about it. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but trying out eye contacts has always intrigued me.  In this post, I’ll be sharing a review of the coloured eye contacts from Feel Good Contacts.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received these products for review purposes only. There are no affiliate links in this post. These product have been sent to me for review purposes.

Receiving these two eye contacts – Amethyst and Honey, I tried the both of them on.

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

What came in the package

2 eye contacts

These contacts are the Freshlook Colourblends. I was more intrigued by these because of how it claims they blend the colours well to make it look more natural.

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly coloured contact lenses, featuring innovative 3-in-1 colour technology, that blend three different shades together for a subtle and stylish change to your eye colour.

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog
Amethyst contacts

The Amethyst contacts are my favourite. It was so interesting and kind of cool to see what I look like with different colour eyes. Here’s what the Amethyst contacts look like on me:

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

They’re like a cool, grey colour and I love it with this grey ombré wig. A lot of people said there was like a purple hue, and when I took some up close pictures, it looked straight up purple. But in the mirror, it looks grey. So, I am so confused as to what this colour actually is. Either way, I love them!

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog


Travel solution

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

This comfi travel solution is an all-in-one solution. At first, I thought it’s purpose was to just clean the contact lenses but it also lubricates them. I like the way it’s not a huge size, so it’s easier to carry around.

This exceptional comfi All-in-One multi-purpose solution is your ideal option to clean and store your soft contact lenses, working to rewet and condition your lenses for a comfortable wear.

2 eye contact cases

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

I also got sent two contact lens cases, to store the contacts in.

A packet of Haribo

Feel Good Contacts Review - Caroo Makeup Blog

I thought including the Haribos was such a nice thing to do.

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My final thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed wearing the contacts. I felt like a different person. Although, I’m not going to make this a regular thing, it was just cool to see what I looked like with different colour eyes. I think I’ll try out different colours and I will definitely be going back to the FeelGood site to get some. I felt like everything was secure, like the packaging was great and it was very trust worthy. I always feel a bit sketchy buying things online, but what I got sent seemed very much legit.

This was my first time putting in contacts, and it was almost impossible. For the first two days, I struggled. It was kind of scary and I was super flinchy, but then I watched a few YouTube videos on how to put them in. Other people made it seem so easy to put them in. But now, I can say that I am a pro at putting them in.

Use code FEELGOOD10 to give you 10% off your first order.

xo caro

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